Rowan Wrestling Academy

MMA Day Camp

The Rowan Wrestling Academy is hosting an MMA day camp for grades k-5 at First Baptist Church of China Grove on July 10-12. We have put together a  comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from the basics of boxing, grappling, as well as some advanced techniques for budding young fighters. Our experienced instructors are committed to creating a safe and fun environment for all participants, with an emphasis on discipline, respect, and teamwork.

Competition & Life Values

Sense of Community & Teamwork

Anti-Bullying & Self-Esteem

Why Rowan Wrestling Academy

Rowan Wrestling Academy is an organization committed to developing the middle school and high school wrestling programs in Rowan County. Although we offer wrestling and MMA classes for adults, our primary focus is the youth in our community. We have a close relationship with many of the schools and coaches in the county and are working with them to develop young wrestlers and increase interest in the sport locally.

Additionally, we are the only organization with a recreational league in the region. We have a competitive AAU team and we are members of the USA Wrestling organization, the governing body for the sport of Wrestling in the US. Our instructors have a proven track record of success in the sport including all-state honors and professional experience. If you are interested in developing your skills in wrestling or MMA, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our programs or how they can help you.

Rowan Wrestling Academy 

105 N Main St, China Grove, NC 28023

(704) 929-5220

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